Cettia JavaScript Client 1.0.0-Beta2 released

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Cettia JavaScript Client 1.0.0-Beta2 has been released. This release brings support for bundlers such as webpack, Browserify or Rollup.

Kudos to @DDKnoll for the great work. For the details of how to make Cettia work with bundlers, see this pull request.

To require the module for a browser bundle:

import cettia from "cettia-client/cettia-bundler"; // ES6 way
var cettia = require('cettia-client/cettia-bundler'); // CommonJS way

As of this release, for the sake of easy management, we have dropped support for Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD) and Bower and made a decision to use unpkg that serves files from npm packages as a CDN. Accordingly, cettia.min.js has been renamed to cettia-browser.min.js and is available at https://unpkg.com/cettia-client@1.0.0-Beta2/cettia-browser.min.js.

As always, please let us, Cettia Groups, know if you have any question or feedback.

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