Cettia Java Platform is now Asity

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Cettia Java Platform is now called Asity, which is created to run Java web applications on any platform on top of the Java Virtual Machine seamlessly. Today, Asity 1.0.0-Beta1 and accordingly Cettia Java Server 1.0.0-Alpha3 are released.

Asity is a lightweight abstraction layer for web frameworks which is designed to build applications that can run on any full-stack framework, any micro framework or any raw server on the JVM.

With Asity, you can build web framework-agnostic applications on the JVM with ease. Now an application based on Asity can run on Atmosphere, Grizzly, Java WebSocket API, Netty, Servlet and Vert.x transparently.

Visit the asity.cettia.io for full documentation.

How to migrate

Here’s how to migrate from Cettia Java Platform 1.0.0-Alpha1 to Asity 1.0.0-Beta1. Just rename the followings:

  • GAV from io.cettia.platform:cettia-platform-xxx:1.0.0-Alpha1 to to io.cettia.asity:asity-xxx:1.0.0-Beta1.
  • Package from io.cettia.platform to io.cettia.asity.
  • Class from CettiaXXX to AsityXXX.

Please let us, Cettia Groups, know if you have any question or feedback.

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