Cettia Java Server 1.2.0-Beta2 released

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I’m happy to announce the availability of the first beta release of Cettia Java Server 1.2.0. As of this release, Java 8 is the minimum requirement. Accordingly, we added various useful features including a collection of useful socket predicates, ServerSocketPredicates class, based on Java 8 features including lambda expressions.


With new features in 1.2, we can rewrite a feature to allow only one socket per username in a more concise and expressive way as follows. The following code snippet finds sockets whose username is the same except the given socket, sends a signout event to the sockets to prevent reconnection, and closes connections.

w/ 1.1

server.find(s -> username.equals(s.get("username")) && !socket.id().equals(s.id())).send("signout").close();

w/ 1.2

server.find(attr("username", username).and(id(socket).negate())).send("signout").close();

Note that the above attr and id are statically imported from ServerSocketPredicates. For the full list of the changes, visit 1.2.0-Beta2 milestone.

In the next GA release, we are thinking of deprecating the current finders like Server#all and Server#byTag in favor of ServerSocketPredicates. If you have any feedback, let us know via Cettia Groups.

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